Craft Supplies Open House 2003

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Tuesday afternoon, the day before the open house, the preparations are nearing completion

Each of the bays is setup as a classroom or demo area so that there can be 10 separate areas

The 2003 CSUSA Open House and the Utah Woodturning Symposium were held a month earlier than usual

A look at one of the rooms, similar to the others, setup for demonstrations ...

while others are setup to show the products available

Rich Kleinhenz, Scott Greaves, and Bill Baumbeck are there on Tuesday to get ready

Scott drools on his new lathe, which he'll take home after the demos

Rex Burningham looks cheery in spite of the work yet to be finished

Wednesday morning, under cloudy skies, the Craft Supplies Open House gets started

Shoppers begin to line up at the building with the "close out" sale prior to it's opening

Bill Baumbeck, of Arizona Silhouette, arrives and chats with Dale Nish

Kim and Tim Clay, of Oneway Manufacturing, put the finishing touches on their booth

A few last minute equipment moves are made

The folks at the Fisch booth make final preparations ...

as does the Tormek booth

The wares are laid out in the Sorby Tool booth

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Photos by Kurt Hertzog