2nd Annual Penturners Rendezvous
June 9, 2004

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2nd Annual Penturners Rendezvous

The 2nd Annual Penturners Rendezvous was held on Wednesday evening, June 9th, 2004 at the Holiday Inn in Provo, Utah. As was done last year, the gathering was held in concert with the Craft Supplies USA Open House and the Utah Woodturning Symposium.

This year we had 50 plus pre-registered and many others registering at the door. The doors opened at 7PM and there was a line of people waiting patiently to get in. The evening included this year's pen display and vendor tables with Arizona Silhouette, Bethlehem Olive Woods, Kallenshaan Woods, and Legacy Mills represented. In addition to the vendors, we had a mini-lathe for demos and a lot of great mingling with fellow pen turners. Those who have never met Joe Hermann, editor of Woodturning Design, had a chance to chat with him.

Lots of great fun! Lots of great people! There are many to thank for their donations, help at the event, just support in general. We'll have a listing of the prizes, the winners as we know them, and more as time goes on. Check back frequently to see the latest additions about the Legacy Mills tour, Craft Supplies Open House, the Penturners Rendezvous, the Pen Race, and the Utah Woodturning Symposium. With almost 3000 photos to sort through and many hours of web work to do, I'll get it posted as quickly as possible.

We want to thank all of our sponsors for the event. Without their support and generosity, we could have never made this year's event the success that it was. Please visit and support these companies as they have all supported you. Our sponsors for the 2004 Penturners Rendezvous were (alphabetically):

Arizona Silhouette
Berea Hardwoods/Fisch
Bethlehem Olive Wood
BG Artforms
Bob and Dave Baldwin
Craft Supplies USA
Kip Christensen
Russ Fairfield
Hut Products
Aaron Joseph
Kallenshaan Woods
Michelle and Dave McIntyre
Penn State Industries
Pens of Color
PHDesigns & Manufacturing (Paul Huffman)
Rockler Woodworking and Hardware
Tamarind Woodturning
Torne Lignum

The Legacy Mill Factory Tour

On Tuesday afternoon, we had the opportunity to tour the Legacy Mill Factory. A group of 12 or so of us met at the factory and got an in depth tour of the design, testing, and manufacturing operations. You can see the photos of the tour if you were unable to attend.

The Craft Supplies Open House

As has been tradition, Craft Supplies USA (the Woodturners Catalog) holds there one day open house on the day before the beginning of the Utah Woodturning Symposium. This year, Wednesday, June 9th was the day. The event features many of the demonstrators from the Symposium as well as the vendors for products that Craft Supplies offers. Again this year, the Yahoo Penturners group put on demonstrations. Rich Kleinhenz, Scott Greaves, and Kurt Hertzog, did the honors. One of the highlights of the Open House is the annual Clearance Sale. Photos of the event are posted for your enjoyment.

The 2nd Annual Pen Turners Rendezvous

Wednesday evening, after the Craft Supplies Open House, is the Pen Turners Rendezvous. With little time to pack up at Craft Supplies, get back to the hotel, and get the ball room setup, the event still managed to come off in a timely fashion. This year, as last, the Rendezvous was held at the Holiday Inn in Provo. This years crowd was no less enthusiastic than last years. While we scrambled to get the room setup, we had a line in the hallway waiting to get in. At 7PM, the gala started and ran until we started the prize drawings at 9. The event is documented in pictures for your enjoyment.

The Pen Race

The pen races were held on Thursday evening. There was a sign up schedule with two lathes being available from 7PM to 9PM. The 7PM starters got sidetracked with other items so we went on without them. Momentarily before the start of the first two contestants, one of the tailstock locks broke. A quick rearrangement of the plan and we did the pen races one at a time on the working lathe. We had a nice audience for the event and had four entries. The prize was a self-centering pen blank drilling vise donated by Paul Huffman. Take a look at the event and the winner.

The Pen Display

Members of the Yahoo Penturners and the Pen Makers Guild contributed pens to a group pen display. This display was at the Wednesday evening Penturners Rendezvous and then in the Instant Gallery at the Utah Woodturning Symposium. Attendees at both events were able to vote on the contents of the display. Take a look at the display and the results of the voting.

The Utah Woodturning Symposium

Being worked on - check back soon