Craft Supplies Open House '04

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On Super Wednesday, we get in a bit early to check out the Penturners demo area

Rich and Rex Burningham get the TV monitor in place

Things are all set for the demonstrations

The Clearance Sale area is ready for the opening at 8AM

These are items that are discontinued, opened, or otherwise not usable for regular stock

Piles high with serious markdowns waiting for the sale to start

Meanwhile, the last minute preparations continue right up to the bell

Do you think these folks are ready for the Clearance Sale to start?

Ben Williams, Darrell Nish, and the rest of the crew finish up minutes before 8AM

As they head down to open the gates, the crowd can't wait and opens them themselves

Reasonably polite, yet remenicent of the Running of the Bulls, the crowd heads for the sale area

The head of the pack rounds the bend

and they keep coming ...

and coming ...

all headed for the large bay where the clearance sale is set up

In only moments, it's wall to wall and the rest of the crowd has to wait their turn

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Photos by Kurt Hertzog