Legacy Tour

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On Tuesday afternoon, we gathered in front of the Holiday Inn for a tour of the Legacy factory

There was an interesting display of the capabilities of the Legacy Mill in the front office

Tracy, co-owner with his brother, was our host and tour guide

Out on the factory floor, Tracy showed us the final assembly area where the machines are kitted for shipment

Producing all of the components except the lead screws, Legacy uses the latest in computer controlled equipment

Here their CNC laser cutter produces parts from sheet steel stock

The use of computer controlled equipment allows Legacy to produce parts with tolerances of a few thousandths

The computer controlled cut off saw produces repeatable results cutting the extruded aluminum

The older, manual equipment is still on site for special purpose use

More of the production equipment fabricating component parts

Tracy shows us the original prototype of the Legacy mill

We traveled to Tracy's home and filming studio for a demonstration of the Legacy mill

A stack of parts that were made during filming and customer demos

Designs can be drawn full size with templates available for every router bit available

By designing on paper and creating a "cookbook list", the final part brings no surprises

Tracy shows how easy it is to use the Legacy mill

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Photos by Kurt Hertzog