Pen Race 2004

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The 2004 Pen Race gets started with Kurt Hertzog

Mark Gisi looks on as his lathe broke during the start of the race

Everyone has there materials layed out as there is 15 minutes to turn your pen

Kurt finishes the first part ...

and moves on to the second

After Kurt completes turning his, Mark Gisi has his turn at the lathe

The contestants could have everything glued and ready for turning

There was 15 minutes of turning allowed with assembly afterwards untimed

Mark works turning his blanks ...

and unfortunately has to quit after one of his blanks blow up into small pieces

Dave Sifers is up next

Dave, like the others, has everything prepared and ready for the competition

Dave is doing a single piece turning

Dave quickly gets his turning and sanding done ...

and moves on to his decoration

There is a small but interested crowd for the pen races

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Photos by Brian Gisi