2012 Penturners Rendezvous

The 2012 logos by Binh Pho

The 10th Annual Rendezvous

The 10th Annual Penturners Rendevous was held on Wednesday evening, May 16th in Provo UT. After a full day of sun, fun, demos, and food at CSUSA Super Wednesday we had our annual gathering in the McKay Event Center. There were plenty of tables for pen displays along with the usual literature tables. Also, our many supporting vendors had tables at the event. We had ongoing demos by John Johnson and Brian and Mark Gisi. At 9PM, we started the door prize drawings with two grand prizes and many more. The two mini-lathe grand prizes were generously donated by Craft Supplies and Woodcraft. We had many, many more wonderful prizes (see our sponsors list below) with everyone going home a winner.

Some Photos of the Event

The doors opened at the usual 7pm. Lots of folks waiting to get in.

Things getting laid out on the pen display table and folks getting their seats

We had a great selection of vendors attending from laser kits and engraving through woods, kits, plastics, and more.

We had two demo areas for the room. The demos are getting setup since they started a little later in the program.


Lots of woods from all over the world. There were some great displays of local woods available too.

Kallenshaan Woods brought their portable laser engraver and pre-registered attendees were given a complimentary laser pen engraving.

There is plenty of space and time for those with special interests to gather and compare notes.

When the demos started, the crowd got settled in for the great presentations.


Mark and Brian Gisi get their demo started. The vendor area stays open during the demos but the bulk of the interest shifts to demos.

Mark and Brian worked together as well as switched off to cover specific areas.

We had a great turnout with lots of vendors, literature, demos, and prizes.

Just one of our lucky two winners of a mini lathe as grand prizes.

Photos by Bob Altig

Our 2012, 10th Anniversary Sponsors

We thank our sponsors of this years event. Their contributions to the event including prizes, logistics, advertising, and moral support are vital to the success of the Rendezvous each year. Please tell them you appreciate their contributions to our event when you do business with them.

Arizona Silhouette
Bad Dogs Burl Source
Bear Tooth Woods
Berea Hardwoods
Bethlehem Olive Wood
Cool Hammers
Craft Supplies USA
Easy Wood Tools
The Golden Nib - Anthony Turchetta
Barry Gross
Kallenshaan Woods
Learning Turning LLC (Rex & Kip)
More Woodturning Magazine
Packard Woodworks
Pen World Magazine
Penn State Industries
Dick and Cindy Sing
Thompson Lathe Tools
Keith Tompkins
Totally Turning
T.V. Geist Mfg.
Woodturning Design Magazine
West Penn Hardwoods

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