Penturners Rendezvous '05

The Third Annual Penturners Rendezvous

As in past years, the Penturners Rendezvous was held in concert with the Utah Woodturners Symposium in Provo UT. The Third Annual Penturners Rendezvous took place in the Holiday Inn Ballroom on Wednesday, June 15th. There were people waiting in the halls as the finishing touches were put on the preparations. The doors opened promptly at 7pm and more than 100 attendees joined the event.

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When the doors opened at 7pm, there was the first wave of more than 100 penturners who joined the event

Even with two last minute vendor cancellations, Kallenshaan Woods and Arizona Silhouette more than satisfied the attendees

Rex Burningham (Turning Pens & Pencils w/ Kip Christensen) chats with Ken Nelsen. Kip also joined us for the Rendezvous.

Don Ward at the far end of the room where the Pen Display and balloting was set up

The mingling at the show & tell tables to display your pens

The show & tell tables had to be moved to the center of the room to allow for more access

Bill Jackman does some pen turning demos in the demo area prior to the presentations

Dick Sing (Pens from the Wood Lathe & six other turning books) answers questions and autographs books

The first of three presentations/demos was done by Wayne Swindlehurst on using the Enduro finishing products

Mark Gisi follows up with a presentation on how he makes the intricate pen blanks

The last presentation by Kurt Hertzog on tips and tricks of tool sharpening

Just one of the display boxes on the show & tell table displaying how far the art of penturning has come

With the demos done, all of the prizes given away, and everyone just burned out, it's time to clean up and move out.

Bill cleans up the chips and equipment

Everyone else lends a hand tidying up and we're gone until next year

The crew for the evening (l to r), Pat & Harold Rudisill, Jake Debski, Kurt Hertzog, Rich Kleinhenz, and Bill Jackman

Photos by Kurt Hertzog

This Years Sponsors

We thank our sponsors for this years event. Their contributions to the event including prizes, logistics, advertising, and moral support are vital to the success of the Rendezvous each year. Please tell them you appreciate their contributions to our event when you do business with them.

Arizona Silhouette
Bear Tooth Woods
Berea Hardwoods
Bethlehem Olive Wood
BG Artforms
Bob and Dave Baldwin
Kip Christensen
Compliant Spray Systems
Craft Supplies USA
Russ Fairfield
Gilmer Wood
Hut Products
Gary Holte
Kallenshaan Woods
Michelle and Dave McIntyre
Penn State Industries
Pens of Color
PHDesigns & Manufacturing (Paul Huffman)
River Ridge Products
Rockler Woodworking and Hardware
Dick Sing
Woodturning Design Magazine

Logo Contest

We have a unique logo designed for each years event. This years winner was Randy Pearson. You can see the logo that Randy submitted at the top of the page. All of the early registrants had a personalized badge of that design. You can take a look at all of the entries for this year here.

Pen Display & Contest

One of the fixtures of the Penturners Rendezvous is the pen display. We solicit contributions from penturners worldwide. The pens are sent in ahead of the Rendezvous, photographed for the display, and hand carried to the event. This year we had three categories: 7mm kit; free style; and collaboration. The display was open to all and was be limited to three pens total. The 7mm category was any pen consisting of 7mm kit components only. The free style was any kit or no kit, or anywhere in between. The collaboration category, added this year, was for any style pen, kit or not, that is not entirely done by the submitter. This included laser engraving/detailing, additional carving or painting, scrimshawing, or other additional adornments. If it didn't come entirely from one persons own hand, it was entered in the collaborative category. Take a look at 2004's gallery and 2003's gallery to see what the competition was like in past years.

The 2005 Pen Display and Contest is over. Take a look at the pens that were on display at the Rendezvous and at the Symposium this year and the results of the voting.

Next years Rendezvous

Interested in attending the 2006 Rendezvous? You can find the latest details at The 2006 Rendezvous.