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Gerry Rhoades

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This was my submission pen, a Sterling Silver Churchill made from bone. The bone is from the lower leg of a Whitetail deer. The bone was painted inside with two coats of flat white paint and the tubes were glued in with Sumo glue, which dries white. Bone is quite transluscent and I decided to take no chances. It was sanded to MM 12000, buffed with White Diamond, followed by TSW.
My submission pen shown open.
A Jr. Statesman rollerball made from Amboyna burl with a CA finish.
This was my second attempt at segmenting. Each of the rings is 90 degrees from the adjoining rings. The wood is Maple, Bloodwood and Satine. The finish is CA

A Jr. Statesman fountain pen made from deer bone with a 14K Penchetta nib. This pen was commissioned by a collector and was the start of my exploration into bone, but it was actually the second completed bone pen.
When I saw this piece of Desert Ironwood, I knew it had to be used for a closed end pen to maximize the wood. This is a Gold Titanium Baron with the centerband minimized to not detract from the wood. It is finished with CA.
The third bone pen I made. This is a Platinum El Toro fountain pen. The bone on this pen was bleached for about 3 days in peroxide to remove some brownish coloration.
The bone El Toro with the cap posted for writing.

A Platinum Streamline El Grande made from Bone. It was made for the IAP Pen In The Hat exchange in November 2006. It took nearly 3 weeks to complete since I'm still trying to find a process for working with it that minimizes the problem of cracking.
This pen began as an El Toro fountain pen, but most of the metal got left behind. The is my first double closed end, recessed clip pen and I learned a lot from it, but have to thank Bill Jackman for some tips on how to do the clip. The wood is African Blackwood and the CB is Desert Ironwood. The finish is at least 10 coats of Tru Oil which was really time consuming.
My first double closed end, recessed clip pen shown open. With the convertor installed, it weighs 37 grams.
Full size Gentleman's fountain pen made from Desert Ironwood Burl. The centerband was modified so it wouldn't interrupt the flow of the grain pattern as much as the standard CB. The fittings are gold titanium.

The Desert Ironwood Burl Gentleman's fountain pen with the cap removed. The nib is one of Lou's new 18K nibs. I made a DI Burl Gentleman's FP for my self with one of these nibs and the ink flow and feel are exceptional.
This is a Texas Mountain Laurel Sedona in Chrome. I have been spending a fair amount of time lately rebuilding my light box and experimenting with lighting to try to get the "perfect" pen photo. This is getting pretty close.
The is a closed end Little Havana fountain pen made from Midnight Ice acrylic from Pedigree Woodcrafts. It is as long as Havana or El Presidente rollerball and has a full size converter. The fittings are Rhodium plated.
The closed end Midnight Ice Little Havana with the cap removed.

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