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Jay Pickens

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Well, since the "discovery" of the pressure-pot made by Don Ward and Serge, embedding snake-skins is a pure pleasure!

We all owe a great deal of "THANKS" for most of our "original" pieces of art (that seldom ARE!) For this Abalone Pen, I must recognize Alice Call for her introduction to this wonderful pen. Then for me personally, to Lou Metcalf for sending the picture of his Abalone Pen (and sending me some Abalone chips, so I could try it myself.) Unfortunately, the true beauty is holding this type pen in your hand, while moving it about, to catch all the light it reflects. This static shot just doesn't do it justice.
Another trial with a transparent colorant - Amber. In making some of my ribbons for several molds, I had some left over, so I just crushed a few pieces and dumped them into a vertical PVC mold. This was the result, though I can now see that a darker mix of Amber would have been probably more attractive.
Black Painted standard brass tube, then "scraped off" black painted surface down to brass tube surface (in band pattern). Then, encapsulated in Clear Polyester Resin to Pressure-Paint-Pot. Then turned to size. CB is 1/2" o.d. brass tube, polished. Nib-side is Black Acrylic and nib is Black Powder-coated part.
"The Parable Pen" - The Olive Branch and the Serpent The first pen in nearly 6-months. The old pinched nerve has really limited me in standing at the lathe, but hopefully I'm now back in the pen making business.The entire pen was turned and then encapsulated in clear Polyester Resin. The hardware was hand-made from aluminum bar-stock and tubing.

"The Parable Pen" The Olive Branch and the Serpent. Totally encapsulated upper and lower sections in Poly Resin. Hardware hand-made from AL barstock and tube. My first pen in nearly 6-months. Of course, a Slimline!

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