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Jay Pickens

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A couple years back, my first recognition of using aluminum tube on pens (prior to getting the Sherline lathe/mill). Now, it's about all I use for nibs, centerbands and finials. The top pen's hardware (nib & pocket clip) were powder-coated high-gloss black. The rounded finials were made of Black Corian.
Some "trials" at pocket clip designs in brass. Too darn hard to do. Slow and not practical to do in numbers. My first and probably last custom pocket clips.

With the "vision" of a beautiful transparent blue pen flowing throughout the white PR ribbons. . . . SURPRISE!! I get a big BLACK pen with a little ribbon showing here and there. I forgot about the magnifying powers of a pen when turned. Just like the snakeskin pens, whatever color the "tube" is - that's the color of the pen body, when casting with clear Polyester Resin. Oh well, it ain't so bad!
This 2-color Polyester Resin pen was cast in a vertical PVC piece of pipe w/a standard PVC end cap for that particular sized pipe. All hardware (including nib) was hand-made on Sherline metal lathe.
Again a transparent, light-blue Polyester Resin & white PR ribbon pen. After hole was drilled in transparent blue blank, the HOLE was painted with similar color baby-blue paint, prior to glueing in the brass tubes. This kept the finished pen close to the color of the original blue tint.
Back and front view of my beautiful "transparent blue" and PR ribbon pen that didn't work out at all (the way I planned it)!

White PR ribbon with opaque BLACK polyester resin.
Again, white PR ribbon, with 2-colors poured into mold. I call this mix, "Bubble Gum & Licorace".
This was my first "Ribbon Pen" and for whatever reason, used White "luster" or "pearlescent" powder to color the ribbon - rather than just a plain white colorant. Okay, but certainly not as "clean" looking as plain old white.
This pen was made in a vertical PVC tube (PVC "cap" also used at base of the tube mold). Red and Black opaque poured randomly into mold.

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