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Ed McDonnell

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A marriage of the ancient decorative techniques of champlevé / guilloché with modern materials. The pen is 5-1/4” (13cm) long and weighs 1.8oz (51g). This pen offers visual stimulation on multiple levels. The contrast of the ruby cold enamel with the carved metal barrels and gold plated components is pleasing in a not overly complicated design. Upon closer examination the Guilloché in the bottom of the cells becomes visible through the Ruby.
Zooming in.....
3D rotary carved aluminum fountain pen that is 5-1/8” (13cm) long and weighs 1.3oz (37g). The cap is postable and the posted length of the pen is 6-1/2” (16.5cm). Aluminum is a wonderful material to use for pens. It is light in weight yet attractive. Few people realize that, until late in the 19th century, Aluminum was rarer and considered more valuable than Gold or Silver. Aluminum is extremely common these days and for good reason. While today the metal has little intrinsic value of its own, it’s ability to be creatively worked allows an artist to convert it from the ordinary to the extraordinary.
A twisted Aluminum Clicker that uses a smooth Schmidt mechanism with a cross style refill. Pen is 5-7/8" (148mm) long and weighs 0.8 oz (24g). The diameter (ex clip) varies between 8 - 10 mm over the length of the pen.

This was one of the prototypes that I made to test methods and materials as I was designing my "Masterpiece" (first pen shown in the gallery).

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