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Richard Kleinhenz

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The receiver tube is made from metal.
The Majestic jr from PSI. A midsize, hefty, heavily decorated pen
I find the clip style rather pleasing, and it is decorated with a Swarovski crystal
Unlike its big brother the Majestic or CSU's jr Emperor, the cap in this one posts. The threads engage easily

Some close-ups of the decorative details. From top left clockwise: Centerband, cap finial, decoration on end of receiver tube, decoration on end of cap finial
New hardware from PSI: Gatsby click pencil and pen
New hardware from PSI: Polaris click pen
Top to bottom: Sierra, Gatsby, Gatsby Click, Sierra Click

A no-kit pen - mostly a design exercise. Acrylic acetate
Same pen, closed. These pens typically weigh 14-15g with a Schmidt conversion pump.
One of the key objectives was to have a posting cap that posts well like a commercial pen and looks integrated. This cap posts very smoothly and securely and has over an inch overlap with the body
Another one with ever so slightly different lines made from an old Sheaffer resin

Instead of a clip, I added 6 cabochons to prevent the pen from rolling
A piston filler with integrated pump and ink window, made from ebonite

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