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Richard Kleinhenz

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The clip crossection is kept very thin. The clip idea was developed with Glenn as a birthday pen collaboration. I went a little different route than Glenn - I designed the clip on the computer and had Ken laser-cut it.
Because of the thin crossection the clip can flex a lot - more than 1/4". Here as an illustration an ink cartridge is inserted. Of course you CAN break it - but you can also bend or break a metal clip if you try.
Sassafras El Grande with bloodwood clip. This pen weighs under 22g, incl. conversion pump! Not that weight is everything - but my own preference sure is for light pens, and this may be the lightest I've made yet. The cap is 7g.
Closed view of pen. The platform is El Grande.

This is PSI's new Olympian kit, a variation on the El Grande.
PSI's new Olympian closed
PSI's new Olympian posted - nice fit!!!
PSI's new Apollo. Similar to Berea's Churchill, but only superficially - it's a very different pen

Apollo closed. Notice the centerband terminating w/o plastic showing, and the threaded receiver tube. The threads are more noticeable on the photo than on the real pen where they nearly disappear
Posted, the Apollo has beautiful lines - a wonderful transition from cap to body. Parts on this pen are not interchangeable with any other models as far as I can tell.
A closed-up of the centerband when the cap is posted. Sorry about the dirt - the camera sees more than the naked eye!
The grip section is metal, the nib is stamped M. I would prefer less metal in a fountain pen but that's just me - the 48g overall weight (with Schmidt conversion pump) is too much for my taste but many people like that heft.

The new Cambridge from Berea. Obviously an El Grande varation, but heavy.
The Cambridge closed. The threads align well
Cambridge posted. The friction fit is not very positive, and I wish the cap sat a little closer to the body
Details of the cap. The clip is spotwelded to a bracket like the Baron's, teh attachment method to the pen with the clip plate is the same as El Grande's. The cap finial is made of metal instead of El Grande's plastic.

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