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Richard Kleinhenz

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Detail of an embedded clip
A modified pen mill cuts the recess for the clip to disappear into
The pen mill is modified on little metal lathe, using a Dremel flex shaft tool as a grinder
The boundaries between wood and plastics are somewhat fuzzy sometimes... this is dyed, stabilized poplar even though it appears to be acrylic

The Ambassador Fountain Pen, from Crafts Supply UK (via
The Ambassador next to the Gentleman, both use the same exact tubes and similar basic construction. It is 10g lighter than the gentleman.
The more forward threads of the ambassador make for excellent cap pre-alignment - this baby won't cross-thread.
A series of CBs, pre-drilled 7mm and pre-turned to just over final diameter, then laser engraved

A narrow parting tool made from a piece of bandsaw blade
Parting off a center band
CB comes off cleanly
A series of CBs

One of the CBs on a pen barrel
3 completed sweetheart pens. The advantages or rather the drive for doing the CBs this way is so that the expensive laser engraving can be ganged to keep the price reasonable. Obviously, this technique does not make sense for an individual CB. The 2 on the left had the engraving on the barrel, the right one uses a CB made as described here.
What to do with all those centerbands
Some more completed sweethearts. The middle one uses crushed pink coral. All these use the new CB process.

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