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Richard Kleinhenz

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A quick fix for a cigar pen where the front barrel had to be shortened because of a small tear out. The alternative would have been an oops band, but this would have meant quite a bit more work, gluing, turning, and especially refinishing
Birdseye Maple, Bloodwood, crushed Malachite and black titanium hardware, in a slim Euro pen and pencil set. The pencil uses modified slimline fittings, and a 0.7 mm Schmidt cartridge pencil mechanism
A prototype for a sweetheart pen, elephant ivory inlayed into pink ivory
The Regency - This pen shows more wood than any other kit

Gentleman pen made from sweet chestnut
Lasercut, inlayed fig. Maple into Satine
A custom pen and pencil desk set with specific (large!) size requirements. The guts are Berea Convertible
Recessed centerband

Slimline pens made from 2117 arrows and antler
These use an arrow point as tip
Powdercoated arrow shaft
First attempt to squeeze a twist mechanism inside a slim Euro, using a slimline tip. The tube used was 7.5 mm. Here are the parts: D the .7 mm twist mechanism, E a custom adapter, B C a disassembled click pencil mechanism, A a 7 mm tip

All together now
The set that this was for. I made only one because of the tricky adapter. For later sets, I used a Schmidt cartridge mechanism for the pencil.
I always recess the centerband to have an overlap

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