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Russ Fairfield

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Modified Parker-style double click ballpoint pen. Large pen, about same size as an El Grande.
My version of the modified Slim-Line pen. There is a standard metal tip buried beneath the wood at the tip. This makes a stronger pen, and prevents the wear and breaking that I had experienced with a solid wood tip. That allows me to use softer woods like the Eastern Red Cedar in the near pen in the photo. The one behind it is Golden Desert Ironwood.
This is a Russ-Line with the same hidden clip attachment.
And, it also works in plastic.

September 1, 2003. The modified "AmeroClassic" snap cap pen that was my submission for membership into the Pen Makers Guild. Pencrafting has come a long way in the past 7 years. While innovative at the time, this pen wouldn't be considered for Guild membership in 2010.
The next generation of the "Closed" pen is based on the Ameroclassic "Snap Cap" kit. This was my first effort at closing the cap and recessing the clip. They are a nice pen that is handicapped by an inferior cap closure.
Another view of the same pens.

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